Rutgers Astronomical Society

Look Upward. Leap Forward.


The Organization

The chief enterprise of the Rutgers Astronomical Society involves uniting those who are fascinated with the vastness of space and who are interested in discussing and observing the cosmos. The organization endeavors to make astronomy accessible for anyone with even the slightest interest. By providing viewing opportunities, informative seminars, academic collaboration, and more. Our club is predominantly run by undergraduate students who are motivated in providing the best experience for both vistors and members alike. We host tri-monthly public observing nights on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays of each month weather permitting. Due to COVID-19 we will not be hosting observing until further notice

In addition, we wish to provide a unique and fun experience for our undergraduate members by teaching, accomplishing projects using the equipment we have available to us, and establishing a tight-knit community with people from a range of backgrounds.


Professor Burkhart

Professor Burkhart is the new advisor for RAS. She is a constant rock for our club providing both logistical and astrophysical guidance.

Profesesor Libby Maljian

Libby is a professor from NJIT who assists us for our Thursday public observing nights. His expertise with the Observatory is what makes public observing nights what they are.



Brandon Shane


Kyle Conway

Vice President

Arya Lakshmanan


Michele Lau